The beginning

The first page in a new diary is always a tough one – where do we start? What writing style do we use? I guess until we find our style, we’ll start off with an introduction. This will be a diary filled in by various family members when we have the time to sit down […]

Horseback Riding

Yesterday Jennah and I had an impromptu afternoon of horseback riding and exploring the countryside together. We had started our day with a hot hair balloon ride in the morning over the beautiful ocean and countryside with her Father and I. He unfortunately had to go to work for the afternoon ~ those darn barn […]

Paris Vacation Day 4

Good morning! This is our last day here in Paris ~ we had a short stay but it was a lovely one. We woke slowly and lounged around a bit in our room. Benton was sleeping in and Jennah and I had been up people watching from the window. We decided we’d take advantage of […]

Paris Vacation Day 3

Good Morning! It’s been a busy day here already.  I’ve been trying to vlog and take pictures a bit less in order to be more present on our trip ~ a pretty good idea, I think. So around lunch time Benton and I took Jennah up the Eiffel Tower! I am terrified of heights but, […]

Paris Vacation ~ Day 2

Bonjour! ♥ I’m writing this entry here from the cafe next door to the hotel while the family is all still asleep. I’ve been sipping on a latte and enjoying some pastries (I managed to find some allergy friendly ones!) What a place this has been so far! As I sit here I am watching […]

Paris Vacation Day 1 ~ 2020!

We had a surprise for our family just after New Years ~ we are going to Paris for vacation to start off 2020 together in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Jennah was nearly beside herself with excitement that we got to go on an airplane and that we were able to […]

New Years Eve 2019 ♥

The past few days have been a whirlwind – we’ve all had a hard time even knowing what day is really was, wading between wrapping paper, empty boxes, random ribbon and bows. We finally arrived to New Years Eve and my parents planned a trip for us! We’ve been anticipating the evening for quite a […]

A very Merry Christmas 2019 ♥

Christmas Eve arrived at our home and not without a lot of excitement from all of us. The most anticipated day of the year (for me, for sure). The house was buzzing with excitement as we watched the last of our Holiday movies and got ready to try and sleep- but who sleeps on Christmas […]

Cozy Days

  We woke a bit late the other morning ~ we’d had a busy the night the night before and I’d been up not feeling well -again. I woke before Benton that morning and wandered down into the kitchen to find little miss Jennah up and awake already. She mentioned that she was a little […]

Holiday dinner party & skating

Last week we had our annual formal Holiday dinner party! It’s a time where all of us get together in our Holiday best and head to a beautiful venue for food, drinks and some laughter. We spent time at home getting ready for the party, Jennah and I even had matching dresses this year! I […]

Ornament Making party!

It’s not Christmas time unless you invite the whole family over to make Christmas ornaments! This is something I love to do every year. I dig out all of the baubles, little twigs, balsam tips, mini everything ~ and of course your own creativity. I had everything laid out on the counter top for everyone […]